A Win-Win Deal

The first win is that you save money when you use Cougar Cash. And while you're saving money, BYU also wins by avoiding debit and credit card processing fees.

Students, faculty, and staff are not charged sales tax at campus dining facilities when they pay with Cougar Cash! The sales tax rate on prepared food is 7.75%, so on a purchase of $6.45 you will save 50 cents.

What is Cougar Cash?

Cougar Cash (formerly Signature Card) is a prepaid account on the BYU ID card that lets students and employees make simple purchases from retailers across campus-including printing and vending.

How Do I Load Funds onto My Cougar Cash Account?

Three Simple Ways to Load Funds

  1. Website
  2. BYU App
  3. Deposit Machine

Where Can I Use Cougar Cash?

See Locations for a list of campus retailers that accept Cougar Cash and offer tax breaks-or just look for the Cougar Cash logo at registers across campus.