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Tax Savings

Save 8.45% Sales Tax - Students, faculty, and staff are not charged sales tax at campus dining facilities when they pay with Cougar Cash (including mobile ordering).

No tax on many purchases at the BYU Store when you pay with Cougar Cash.


Cougar Cash is the only way to pay for printing at most labs across campus.


If you live in on-campus housing, you receive a discount (50% off) when using Cougar Cash to pay for the use of the washers and dryers associated with your housing unit.


Cougar Cash provides a way to buy a snack at vending machines without having to carry around cash.

Faculty and Staff Discounts

Studio 1030 offers a 10% discount on services and 20% discount on products for faculty and staff.

The Cannon Center offers a discounted lunch rate (only $7.40) for faculty and staff when they pay with Cougar Cash.

Where Can I Use Cougar Cash?

Cougar Cash Retailers

Cougar Cash is preferred at locations across campus. Look for the Cougar Cash logo at these retailers: