Courtesy Cards are declining balance cards which are good at the locations where CougarCash is accepted. They have a balance limit of $100. Payments may be made at all clerk locations displaying the BYU CougarCash logo. There are no cash refunds on courtesy cards. Accounts which remain inactive for more than one year will be closed. BYU is not responsible for any unauthorized use of these cards; replacement of lost or stolen cards; or the refunding of unused balances of lost or misplaced cards. BYU reserves the right to deny service for any or all offline transactions.

Courtesy Cards may be purchased at the ID Center, 1057 WSC, and the HBLL CVST machines and other locations in the HBLL. The cost for a card is $1.00 with a $.50 balance on the card.

Courtesy Cards are not eligible for any cougar Cash discounts or tax-exemption.


campus courtesy card

Please fill out the Courtesy Card Order Form, then take a screen shot and email it to, or mail it to BYU ID Center, 1057 WSC, Provo UT 84602

Courtesy Cards may only be purchased by individuals, not BYU departments. Please contact Treasury Services to procure gift cards for BYU departments,

For information on Skyroom gift cards, contact the Skyroom Restaurant,,

For information on BYU Store gift cards, contact the BYU Store,,


campus guest card

Guest Cards are used for housing, meal plans, and CougarCash accounts for conference or seminar participants. Please contact Conference Accommodations for more information.