Faculty, Administrative and Staff

Lunch at the Cannon Commons

The Commons at the Cannon Center offers faculty and full-time staff a great place to eat lunch. Charge your Cougar Cash account using your BYU ID and get your lunch, plus any guests, for only $5.55 per person, Monday through Saturday. Along with a salad, soup, and dessert buffet, the Commons offers delectable all-you-can-eat fare at five internationally themed stations. Breakfast is also available for the same price.

Lunch at the Sky Room

Looking for a special meal for a special occasion, or just in the mood for a great view and delicious seafood? Try the Skyroom Restaurant on the 6th floor of the Wilkinson Student Center. Charge your Cougar Cash account using your BYU ID and get your lunch, plus any guest, for only $12.45 per person. That’s a savings of $3.05 or 19.6%! Campus departments are also welcome to host guests at the discounted price by using the Campus Card.

Cougar Cash Payroll Deduction

Full-time university faculty and staff can sign up for Cougar Cash payroll deduction. Then Cougar Cash purchases will be deducted directly from employee paychecks.

When you sign up, you will set a credit limit—the maximum amount you would like to spend per payroll period. This limit is reset each period, and only the actual amount you spent will be deducted from your paycheck.

To sign up, log in above.

The payroll-deduction plan is a credit plan, deductible only from a university paycheck—not a disability or benefits check. If your Cougar Cash purchases cannot be taken from your paycheck, the purchases will be posted to your My Financial Center account. 

Staff Employees
For staff employees, Cougar Cash payroll deductions will come from the payroll period in which the transactions occurred.

Faculty and Administrative Employees
For faculty and administrative employees, the deductions will come from the check received at the end of the month following the payroll period in which the transactions occurred. For example, purchases made in May will be deducted from the June 30th paycheck.

Why Sign Up for Cougar Cash Payroll Deduction?

Many full-time employees prefer using payroll deduction because it is convenient and saves time in the following ways:

Part-time Staff

Part-time employees may deposit Cougar Cash onto their BYU ID by logging in above.