Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Cougar Cash?

A: Cougar Cash is a prepaid account on the BYU ID card that lets students and employees make simple purchases from retailers across campus—including printing and vending.

Q: Why should I use Cougar Cash?

A:  Here are some reasons to consider why you should use Cougar Cash.

  1. Save Sales Tax - Students, faculty and staff are not charged sales tax at campus dining facilities when they pay with Cougar Cash.
  2. Printing - Cougar Cash is the only way to pay for printing at many labs across campus.
  3. Laundry - If you live in on-campus housing, you receive a discount when using Cougar Cash to pay for the use of the washers and dryers associated with your housing unit.
  4. Vending - Cougar Cash provides a way to buy a snack at vending machines without having to carry around cash.

Q:  How do I make deposits on my Cougar Cash account?

A:  Loading money onto your Cougar Cash account is simple and convenient.  It can be done in three different ways:

  • Use the Cougar Cash deposit machine located on the Cougar Cash Column in the Wilkinson Center Cougareat.  It will accept cash and load it directly onto your Cougar Cash account. 

Q: Where can I use Cougar Cash?

A: Cougar Cash can only be used at campus locations. Most dining locations, BYU Store, laundry machines, printing, vending, and many other locations prefer accepting Cougar Cash over other payment types. Click here to see a list of locations that accept Cougar Cash.

Q: Why is there a service charge on credit and debit card deposits?

A: Because of merchant fees associated with credit and debit card deposits, they are more expensive than eChecks to process. The service fee is intended to cover the cost of the merchant fees BYU would have to pay for these transactions.

Q: Why is the maximum balance restricted to $1,000?

A: Cougar Cash is not intended to be used for large dollar purchases such as tuition and housing payments. The maximum balance amount of $1,000 is for safety and security purposes. Replenishing your Cougar Cash balance can be made by making additional deposits as frequently as necessary.

Q: My deposit failed, why is the charge still showing as pending on my bank account?

A: When you make a deposit to your Cougar Cash account using a debit or credit card, your deposit will appear as a pending transaction on your bank account until the transaction settles. If the address billing information you provide does not match the billing information on file with your financial institution, for your protection, BYU rejects the deposit. When this happens, the pending status may remain on the transaction for a few more days before the transaction is removed.

Q: Can I withdraw funds from my Cougar Cash account?

A: Cougar Cash accounts are not intended for cash withdrawals. Try to put only those funds on your account that you intend to spend with campus merchants. If a withdrawal is necessary, contact the ID Center in the Wilkinson Center (801-422-5092) to request a withdrawal. You will be charged a $10 processing fee. Withdrawals are issued by check and usually take 1-2 weeks to process.

Q: What is Cougar Cash payroll deduction?

A: Full-time university faculty and staff can sign up for Cougar Cash payroll deduction. Then Cougar Cash purchases will be deducted directly from employee paychecks. When you sign up, you will set a credit limit—the maximum amount you would like to spend per payroll period. This limit is reset each period, and only the actual amount you spent will be deducted from your paycheck.

Q: As a full-time employee, why should I sign up for Cougar Cash payroll deduction?

A: Many full-time employees prefer using payroll deduction because it is convenient and saves time for the following reasons:

  • Easy online one-time setup
  • Automatic payroll deduction only after you have made a purchase
  • Avoids the hassle of continually making deposits to your account
  • Adjusting your credit limit can easily be done online

Q: I am a full time employee and have a payroll deduction plan. Why am I unable to make deposits to my account?

A: Payroll deduction plans are credit plans designed to deduct your purchases directly from your paycheck. Rather than make deposits, you can raise or lower your credit limit for a pay period at any time by signing in above.

Q: I get paid once a month and have a payroll deduction plan.  Why are my purchases deducted from my paycheck the month after I make the purchases?

A:  Due to timing issues on when the Faculty/Administrative payroll is run every month, the deductions are delayed until the following month’s payroll.   For example, purchases made in May will be deducted from the June 30th paycheck.

Q: What if my ID card is lost or stolen?

A: If you lose your ID card, deactivate it immediately by logging into your Cougar Cash account. Deactivating your card will protect your funds from unauthorized use. A replacement for your ID card can be obtained from the ID Center in the Wilkinson Center.

Q: If I have a meal plan, can I also have a Cougar Cash account?

A: Yes. If you have a meal plan, your meal plan account and your Cougar Cash account will both be attached to your BYU ID. Any food purchases at Dining Services locations will automatically be deducted first from your meal plan account. All non-Dining Services purchases will then be deducted from your Cougar Cash account.

Q: I used Cougar Cash to buy a vending item, but it didn’t dispense properly. Can I get a refund?

A: For Cougar Cash vending, printing, copying, and on-campus laundry refund requests, contact the ID Center. Be prepared to provide your Net ID, the date and location of the transaction(s), the amount, and the reason for the request.